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Slice & Case - Everybody on the Dancefloor
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One Day All Of This Won´T Matt
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Moshi Moshi Records present One Day All Of This Won´t Matter Any More by Slow Club due for release on the 19th August 2016. How do you keep a band interesting after ten years? It´s a question Slow Club´s Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor must have asked themselves as they started work on their fourth album.The answer seems to be producer Matthew E. White, the master of Southern-gothic folk, whose in-house band at Richmond´s Spacebomb Studios provided the consistency and tone the album required. Almost every track was played live in the studio, allowing the long-established session band´s natural chemistry to augment Charles and Rebecca´s, with the double advantage of recording being very effective, and also comparatively quick. One Day.... contains some of the best melodies they´ve yet created. The duo´s knack for writing hooks and melody has, if anything, become stronger. There are choruses here you instantly feel you´ve known your whole life, like ´Ancient Rolling Seas´ timeless, reassuring refrain of ´´I´ll always be by your side´´, or ´Champion´´s Dolly Parton via-Linda Ronstadt anthem of self-celebration through the darkest times. Perhaps best of all are a pair of songs to be found at the top of what traditionalists would call ´´side 2´´- ´Rebecca Casanova´, a slice of widescreen, four-to-the-floor pop that recalls soft-rock giants Fleetwood Mac in the way it channels heartbreak onto the dancefloor, and ´Tattoo Of The King´, a tale that takes Neil Young and the Doobie Brothers to the disco.

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