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Various - Hardcore Area - Dancefloor Of Darkness
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Lorraine Kelly: Brand New You
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Welcome to Brand New You. So, you want to get fit, healthy and lose weight and more importantly keep it off and have fun! So, we’ve created a fantastic all new class that’ll help you feel healthier, look fitter and put a big smile on your face! The brand new class is broken down into 4 sections, each of which target a different part of the body plus a master class to walk you through the steps at a slower pace before you get started! Bingo Wings Blaster, Jelly Belly Blitz, Legs & Co and Max Out Cardio. You can join us for the full class or simply select one or more of the sections depending on how much time you have, and what area of your body you want to focus on! All the sections feature new versions of some great songs to keep you motivated, plus a couple of my all-time favourites complete with all new choreography! You’re going to love dancing yourself fit with us!! And you’ll love the results even more! Lorraine xx Bonus: Dancefloor Ready Masterclass – walk through the steps at a slower pace before you get started on the main class

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Alive AG Strange System Trommel & Bass CD Krakota
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Krakota ist ein junger Produzent mit ebenso unaufgeregten wie brachialen technoider Rollern mit netten Elektrosounds.nnKrakota ist ein junger Produzent aus dem britischen Bournemouth und debütierte mit seinen 12 bei Hospital Records. Es handelt sich um deepe Roller mit perkussiven Sounds und hohem Wiedererkennungswert, die eigentlich immer und überall funktionieren. Strange System als Sammlung von 14 Tracks enthält ebenso unaufgeregte wie brachiale technoider Roller mit netten Elektrosounds den man eher auf dem Schwesterlabel Med School erwartet hätte. Sehr frisches Ding von Krakota wird man sicher noch so einiges hören. Following a string of successful releases Krakota is back with a massive 14-track collection. 'Strange System' marries heavy distortion with razor-sharp clarity, crossing and colouring the black and white lines of drum & bass with his versatile style and slick production. His debut album stands tall and proud shouting his individual sound. Never underestimate Krakota, he's full of surprises! In 'Colour Of The Past' Krakota simultaneously tugs at the heartstrings and hits hard in the face with vocals brought by new finding Karina Ramage. The French-Scottish-English songwriter was a surprise find by label boss Chris Goss as he discovered her busking on London's South Bank. Another clear highlight is his partnering with our second label boss for 'Powder Coated' - the perfect mix of London Elektricity soul and Krakota power. 'Half Life' is a reminder back to the massive dancefloor damage caused by 'Ice Hands', 'Ghosts' and 'Xylo' last year. Its gritty split of siren calls and deep bouncing bass hits in all the right places. Krakota's musical edge shows in 'Elastic' with funk flare and horns hailing. 'North Winds' and 'Turn of Fate' blend arcade style synth work with crackles of white noise. TRACKS: 1. North Winds 2. Colour The Past 3. Samphire 4. Xylo 5. Turn Of Fate 6. Powder Coated (feat. London Elektricity) 7. Half Life 8. In The Area (feat. Lifford) 9. Elastic 10. Carmine 11. Meridian 12. Weirdos & Creepers (feat. Illaman) 13. Krakota 'End Of The Line' (feat. Benji Clements) 14. Sea Air

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