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DescriptionA collection of 22 popular hits in easy melody line arrangements for all electronic keyboards.Ideal for the beginner, each song has chord symbols, lyrics, suggested registration, rhythm and tempo.Easy-to-follow keyboard diagrams are grouped together at the start of each song and show all the left-hand chord voicings used.SonglistBad Boys [Burke, Alexandra]Beat Again [JLS]Boys And Girls [Lott, Pixie]Evacuate The Dancefloor [Cascada]Fight For This Love [Cole, Cheryl]Happy [Lewis, Leona]Hot N Cold [Perry, Katy]Human [Killers, The]If I Were A Boy [Beyoncé]In For The Kill [La Roux]Issues [Saturdays, The]Just Dance [Lady GaGa]Kids [MGMT]My Life Would Suck Without You [Clarkson, Kelly]Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) [Florence And The Machine]Remedy [Little Boots]Said It All [Take That]Take A Bow [Rihanna]Take Me Back [Stryder, Tinchy] [Cruz, Taio]The Fear [Allen, Lily]Use Somebody [Kings of Leon]Viva La Vida [Coldplay]

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Bad Girl Love , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 760min
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Ladylike heiress Audrey Weathersby is careful to never rock her family´s boats. They don´t even know about her ex-girlfriends or her fake IDs.But it´s that fake ID that leads her to the hottest club in the city. While her friends tear up the dancefloor, however, Audrey meets the foil to her suppressed desires and curiosity.Dylan. The resident bad girl with an affinity for good girls like Audrey.What begins as a torrid fling soon transforms into something that opens Audrey´s eyes to the life she´s always wanted. The longer she´s with Dylan, the more she realizes the sources of her suffocation. A toxic family. Airheaded friends. Caring for nothing but the trappings of wealth.Dylan has dated her fair share of heiresses, but Audrey is the first one to make her believe in a chance at love.Yet it´s not easy to give over to someone like Audrey. She represents everything Dylan has spent her whole life rejecting, for she knows all too well what it´s like to be forced into the good girl role.And her past is constantly threatening to ruin everything she´s built for herself since her darkest days.The fatalistic love that haunts both Dylan and Audrey will last the summer. After that? Someone will have to give up the only life they´ve ever known.Easier said than done.Please note that this book contains examples of transphobia and growing up in an abusive cult. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Eugenie Danglar. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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