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First Time Gangbang Erotica - 10 Book Megabundl...
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10 INNOCENT AND SUBMISSIVE FEMALES SUBMIT THEIR FERTILE BODIES TO THE GANG OF 30 HUNGRY MEN FOR THEIR FIRST NO HOLES BARRED HARDCORE GANGBANG!!!! 10 busty young females submit their innocent and tender bodies to multiple dominant men for their first steamy gangbang! Read and experiences the adventures of the submissive stunning females as they submit every inch of their breathtaking bodies, relinquishing control of their most intimate part…… multiple men! The three story erotica bundle includes the below - Menage on the Dancefloor Shared in the Hotel Room Shared by Three Men in Ibiza Shared by Two Men in London Amateur Escort´s First Time Menage Shared by Three Men in Italy Truth or Dare Menage Accidental Menage Shared by the Security Guards Ravishing the University Student This short story compilation contains explicit sexuality and adult situations of erotic activity.including three submissive younger women surrendering the most intimate parts of their body to older men for an unforgettable night of first time steamy menage, submitting every inch of their tender and fertile bodies to the rugged men and should be purchased and read by adults only. The content may be considered objectionable, so please read at your own discretion.

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