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Contest Pix9w14
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4x9W TRI LED light barThe most compact PIXXEN projectorThe PIX9W14 fits in nomad and permanent installations thanks to its double suspension bracket. It is compact, powerful, very efficient and is designed for online effects.You can create sequences with up to 20 projectors to flood the dancefloor with vivid, intense colours.- 4 RGB LEDs- 9 W RGB LEDs - 30 000 hours- Beamwidth: 25´- Drop-down display to access settings- Modes: - 2 - 15 DMX channels - Fixed colours - Fade/Step programs with adjustable speed - Auto mode - Auto music-sensitive mode - Slave mode - Multi-slave mode to create multi-projector sequences- XLR 3-pin input/output- IEC input/output socket (Daisy-chain up to 20 projectors)- Power consumption: 48W- Power supply : 100/240V - 50/60Hz, AC - Thermoregulated cooling system- Dimensions: 340 x 140 x 140 mm- Net weight: 2.9 Kg

Stand: 29.04.2019
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